What is Equity?

the word equity may be defined as a state in which all people, regardless of their social position or grouping, have the same access to the resources and opportunities necessary for healthy and happy lives.

Why Equity Matters. Health is the first form of wealth.

Equity Matters partners with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies to release Baltimore's first Community Health Equity Report


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Where you live influences how long and healthy you live, and consequently, place matters. your socioeconomic standing and access to opportunities within your community are predictors of your health, consequently equity matters.Perhaps one of the most famous key phrases in the United States⎯certainly in terms of the founding principles of this country⎯is the motto "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


This motto ultimately speaks to the "sovereign" or "unalienable" right to equitable participation in our society's benefits. Now, perhaps more than ever before in this nation's history, the absence of equity has a more robust and profound impact on the future economic and political sustainability of the nation as it continues to mature.

Who is Equity MattersEquity Matters is primarily focused on promoting equity through comprehensive efforts, including the promotion of Equity in All Policies, aimed at the elimination of avertable death and disease. The organization is committed to eliminating health inequities by addressing their root causes that are social, political, and economic in nature. We refer to these systemic root causes as social determinants of health (SDOH).

Social conditions are the fundamental determinants of health and disparities, and there is a graded relationship between social position and health status that affects people at all levels of the social hierarchy‡±and this is both unnatural and preventable. In fact 40-70% of Health Disparities in the US are caused by SDOH-driven inequities. This suggests that the principal way to reduce health disparities is to focus research and policy on systematic forces.

Through Equity Matters, we represent the Baltimore Team of the Place Matters Initiative. Place Matters is a nationwide, locally centered, Health Equity Movement learning community initiative of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Health Policy Institute. Equity Matters has evolved out of this Place Matters work that focuses on developing place-based regional and municipal strategies to promote health equity, rooted in an SDOH framework.

What drives our agenda?

More than any other factor, where you live determines how long and how healthily you live, and consequently, Place Matters. In fact, your socioeconomic standing and access to oppourtunities within your community are indicators of your health, consequently equity matters.